Top 17 Tech Companies in San Diego

All over the world, tech companies in San Diego are considered in the list of top inventors. In the past, San Diego probably won’t have joined the overlay during the tech blast that changed urban communities like San Francisco and Seattle. But now, San Diego is building itself an unbeatable foundation and continuously participating in innovative inventions to gain goodwill. San Diego has the edge of intelligent and experienced engineers, some of whom have established more than 300 organizations and raised more than $5 billion in income since 2006.

Interestingly, most talented engineers are trying to move towards tech companies in San Diego because they want to boost their careers by working in a stable industry. In this discussion, we will discuss top tech companies in San Diego, and in the end, you will be able to pick the best company for your career and services.


Establish In: 1985

Based On: Semiconductor

QUALCOMM is a well-reputed company in the world of 5G businesses. QUALCOMM is working to give wireless technology services and keep connecting worldwide with their surroundings and covering across communication distances. QUALCOMM has manufactured many digital communication devices for other industries and departments like the education sector, healthcare sector, and construction.

These innovative devices are including automatic and wearable computerized devices. The basic purpose of QUALCOMM inventions is well-managed communication growth and easy availability for everyone. In the coming inventions, QUALCOMM is working on AI devices and virtual reality products; on the worldwide level, these products will be counted on the list of huge inventions.

2: VirtueNetz

Establish In: 2010

Based On: IT Services

VirtueNetz is a well-reputed IT-based company, giving quick services and providing authentic solutions for any business growth. VirtueNetz participates in various solutions, including web and graphic designing, Web development, internet marketing, SEO, Mobile/app development, software development services, call centre services, and data entry.

VirtueNetz has developed many well-known websites and software solutions and is still responsible for giving maintenance/update services whenever customers require. VirtueNetz is offering its services worldwide and ensuring the proper and timely delivery of any product. Well-known clients all over the world are key to VirtueNetz success.


Establish In: 1979

Based On: Analytics

TERADATA works on the data; they collect data and apply required methods to convert it into authentic information. And this information is a huge help for worldwide companies; information helps us make decisions and give us direction for investment. TERADATA works for numerous sectors; we can even get their information to identify the customer’s required demands. When we know about future changes, it ultimately helps us make the right decisions and solve complex problems.

How does TERADATA collect Data? TERADATA coordinates with their customer’s data and organizes it in cloud-based warehouses. TERADATA allows other worldwide companies to access refined information under some security protocols. TERADATA is working with different companies, around 100 businesses over 75 countries. Ticketmaster and Verizon are one of the well-known clients of TERADATA.


Establish In: 2004

Based On: Clouds

ServiceNow is the hub of multi-tasking, doing work for worldwide benefits. ServiceNow is offering well-reputed and well-managed cloud-based platforms and solutions. Any employee and business can consult with these solutions and platforms to unlock their productivity and get tricks to clear future directions. The new platforms of SERVICENOW are displaying a multitude of capabilities and generating a unique environment for service providers and customers.


Establish In: 2004

Based On: Edtech

The ZOVIO is working to search for new ways for technology inventions and introducing new directions of thinking. ZOVIO is attaching innovative analytics with e-learning for transforming institutional education programs. All these advancements are contributing to making a strong connection between students and teachers. Teachers can easily deliver their lectures to consulting students, and students can flexibly conduct lectures and send their feedback. On the other side, teachers can quickly analyze their students according to their performance.

ZOVIO is giving its services to different educational networks, including Fullstack academy, learn@Forbes, and TutorMe.


Establish In: 2009

Based On: Robotics

Brain Corp produces AI-powered pack innovations and executes them in the form of robotic items. These robotic items’ intelligent spark is automatic navigation; these robots sense the environmental factors and successfully find their path independently. Softbank and Qualcomm, Brain Corp cloud-driven OS are used to perform efficient functionalities. This ready-to-use software can be implemented in existing robotics and installed as a framework for the new robots. Brain Corp can easily modify and update this software according to the requirements of the clients.


Establish In: 2016

Based On: Mobile

KAIOS TECHNOLOGIES are working for tech advancement; the company launched affordable internet and smart technologies worldwide. The company has successfully invented their smartphones at an economical price; all the manufacturing and delivery procedures are wrapped up within $10. KAIOS TECHNOLOGIES has intended to be a more affordable option in contrast to driving cell phone brands.

KaiOS Technologies gives various and the most famous cell phone apps and these applications are fit in available devices (KaiOS devices). KaiOS Technologies expects to overcome the issues of more than four billion guys across the world, especially those who have no internet approach. The reason to deliver this low-cost smartphone is awareness and guide the audience to interact with advanced technologies.


Establish In: 1998

Based On: Digital marketing

Mapp Digital is working as a marketing company based on cloud platforms. Different companies use these cloud-based platforms to capture customers’ data, decide on their plans, and select their targeted audience. The right targeted audience is the main aspect of the advertisement. Using AI and data management features, Mapp Digital’s collect viewers’ data and idealize which kind of products come in the list of public demand. And after getting refined information, anyone can easily interact with their audience and polish their products according to public demand.


Establish In: 1996

Based On: IOT

INSEEGO is working for mobile apps’ advancement, and these applications are driving advanced features of customer’s demands. Different well-known brands and businesses are taking INSEEGO’s services for their future establishment; these businesses are including Verizon and T-Mobiles. INSEEGO furnishes top brands with IoT arrangements, such as fleet executives and resource tracking, so INSEEGO can keep their activities moving without outside situational effects.

10: MIRUM Agency

Establish In: 2015

Based On: Digital Marketing

MIRUM Agency is providing a computerized management system for administrations. MIRUM Agency is trying to change the working style according to modern trends and solve operators’ and customers’ problems. MIRUM Agency has launched its new services by making advanced products, UX design, prototyping, platform integration, conversation transformation, and campaign planning. MIRUM Agency has its main office in London, and they have its sub-branches in 25 other countries.


Establish In: 2010

Based On: Sale Software

SEISMIC is a kind of company that works for software development. They are organizing different tools like content intelligence and powerful analytics. These tools help lift other companies and put values to build up a strong relationship with clients.

SEISMIC clients: IBM and Cisco trust SEISMIC’s sales because they test that automatic software is growing their sales distribution. SEISMIC is putting amazing values to lift companies and clients’ relationships, which helps to clear the underground problems.


Establish In: 2008

Based On: Enterprise Software

TEALIUM is like a guide for different businesses to increase their ROI by using licensed systems of TEALIUM (management system).

Purpose of TEALIUM’s Management System: This automatic system is used to convert data into required results and help different companies to integrate their information with advertisement and sale strategies. TEALIUM has well-reputed investors, including Tenaya Capital and Presidio. The most valuable part of TEALIUM services is data management, and it’s a key that adds TEALIUM to the list of Forbes. On the other side, Lenovo and Travelocity are the well-known clients of TEALIUM.


Establish In: 2008

Based On: Greentech

EcoATM’s central goal is to coordinate economic practices with regular innovation to make the world greener. Their protected ATM innovation tries to do everything precisely. EcoATM offers smart communication with clients (cell phone-based) and allows them to sell or reuse their old gadgets instead of sending them to waste disposal companies.

EcoATM’s innovation has the option to reuse or gather more than 25 million gadgets over the country, and their machines have been introduced in shopping centres and supermarkets. This smartphone recycling is available all over the U.S; ECOATM is participating in the world of innovation without disturbing the interaction flexibility and ease.


Establish In: 1987

Based On: Greentech

EDF is giving energy supply with a green centre, attempting to plan and introduce sunlight-based innovation. EV energy stations are empowered to use trackers to assist their customers and update them to balance their public power consumption. The organization holds more than $1 billion in overseeing resources and can plan and grow green energy innovations. EDF is planning to launch these innovations across 22 countries in the entire world.


Establish In: 2006

Based On: healthcare

GreatCall is a tech organization offering healthcare services. GreatCall gives safe services in cell phones and advanced wearable devices to help ageing adults and their guardians better deal with their health and security. GreatCall has launched amazing products and services in portable applications, intelligent home devices, cell phones for seniors, and emergency gadgets. GreatCall means to help seniors; they guide them and control them from sudden harm and allow the seniors to move independently.

All these technologies and devices make seniors’ lives easy because devices give so many alternatives to connect with their doctors and family any time anywhere. These devices’ amazing benefit is a quick response; anytime seniors can update their family and doctors about their health condition.


Establish In: 1997

Based On: Healthcare

XIFIN manages different analytics platforms that help medical services associations put their data and get the required results. Based on these results, organizations can decide on production and grow their income plans. XIFIN’s platforms’ basic purpose is to manage medicine, the productivity of medicine, delivery of medicine, check and balance of remaining products, and overall company revenues. Many health care organizations are taking XIFIN’s services to manage their clinic and financial status at the same time.


Establish In: 2015

Based On: Autonomous Vehicles and Transportation

TuSIMPLE has come with self-driving transport innovations to the trucking business, creating shipping rigs fit for moving from one area to another with total independence. These innovations are empowered with LiDAR, Radar, and HD cameras to give their long stretch trucks 360-imaging. These imaginings can identify natural changes, expect and respond to chances; all these advancements add exceptional values to reduce the accidents and risk factors. TuSIMPLE is cooperating with driving transportation associations, for example, UPS and the United States Postal Service. SIMPLE self-ruling cargo organization can autonomously plan routes and deliver the right product to the right customers at the right time. TuSIMPLE is providing these delivery services all over the U.S. country.

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